Saturday, March 1, 2014

Institutional investors now selling Homes in Colorado at profit.

Institutional investors now selling Homes in Colorado at profit.
One of the biggest institutional (e.g. Wall Street) investors in Denver Real Estate is Colony Financial.  
Their purchases peaked in the spring of 2013.  They are not buying nearly as many now as they were in April and May 2013.  Brokers at some of the hedge funds are actually quietly selling a few of the homes they purchases +/- 24 months ago.  They are taking a few chips off the table and locking in 20-30% gains.  While they all say they are “long term holds” that isn’t 100% true.

What this means FOR YOU:
If you are or work with first time buyers, inventory pressure this spring should be a lot less intense than spring 2013.
If you are listing lower priced properties, you should not see anything close to a repeat of the feeding frenzy in the spring of 2013. 
If your sellers are flexible on their timing, LIST NOW in March while inventory is still really low.  
Plan accordingly!  

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  1. This information was compiled and sent to me by Lon Welsh, President of Your Castle Realty, Denver, CO.
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