Thursday, October 23, 2014

Abu Dhabi property market outpacing Dubai in UAE upswing.

Abu Dhabi signs encouraging
Third quarter reports from Abu Dhabi’s property market paint an encouraging picture of stabilisation as the UAE’s population continues to soar.
Rents in the emirate are stabilizing after a particularly strong H1, where they increased by an average of 12%. Q3 2014 saw rents go up by only 2%, according to CBRE,
“On average, high-end rents for two bedroom apartments range between AED140,000-AED195,000/unit/annum on the main Abu Dhabi island. This translates into around a 45 – 65% premium when compared to similar types of unit situated off-island, whereby rents range between AED70,000-AED95,000/unit/annum.”
“However, price variation does become far wider when comparing luxury residences in prime locations. Prime developments on Saadiyat Island, Al Raha Beach and Corniche have average two bedroom apartment rentals of between AED160,000-AED200,000/unit/annum.”
Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)’s new report says that all sectors of the Abu Dhabi market are positioned in the recovery stage of their cycle for the first time since 2008. The report highlighted the residential sector as the strongest-performing, saying it was driven by positive investor sentiment and population growth and potential future under-supply”.
JLL said that it expects undersupply in the future, as demand continues strong and new units arrive slowly. Around 1,200 units were added to the stock in Q3.
Limited supply has particularly benefited the villa market, said CBRE, especially on Abu Dhabi Island. Strong tenant loyalty, alongside limited lease options, has kept rent volatility low.
Looking at the UAE’s market as a whole, TASWEEK Real Estate Development and Marketing also released a report this week. ”There was a fluctuating yet sustained demand for real estate in Q3 as the size of the population expanded exponentially. This trend is only natural as the sector strives to meet the needs of the people. Other indicators include stronger banking liquidity, more services, and either sustained or increased prices for off-plan rentals and sales,” said Masood Al Awar, CEO of TASWEEK. “Further bolstering the industry’s expansion is the UAE Government’s move to put significant measures in place to prevent any speculative activity in real estate and to control credit growth,” he continued.
The UAE’s population is rising by around 7.6% per annum – one of the fastest rates in the world. Population is expected to hit 9.9 million by the end of the year, shooting up to 18.83 million by 2023.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Online CRE or any Profile

10 Ways to Strengthen Your Online CRE or any Profile and Web Site, Blog etc.
Founder of theBrokerList - A Virtual Commercial Real Estate Network
I encourage you to join and participate.  It is a very useful site that gets results.

Just like that gym membership that you signed up for but you have not been in months; theBrokerList is a tool and a membership site that is only useful if you are using the site properly. Follow along and with these exercises you will strengthen your online presence and boost your traffic to your page to make more deals!
Step 1: Setup your profile correctly
One of the biggest problems with new members is that they do not showcase their unique strengths on their profile. Be sure to really describe what you are focused on and why someone should hire you. Fill in all of the blanks and do not look lame with empty fields. We are in the marketing business and blanks fields are not a good reflection on your online marketing skills. By setting up your profile completely, you will find your page will have more traffic and you will create more connections and get more referrals!
Step 2: Update your Haves, Wants and Transactions often
TheBrokerList was created out of the need to have one centralized location that you can update your Haves, Wants and Transactions, then you can share this with your other sources via RSS feeds. If you are not updating your Haves, Wants and Transactions, then no one will be updated with your business needs. People are looking to network with you, so step out and post up your latest data to your profile.
Step 3: Add your tBL Profile to your signature in emails
CRE Professionals are making connections and looking for deals on theBrokerList daily. And theBrokerList was created for you to network with only verified CRE professionals, so be sure to add your profile in your email signature for other CRE Professionals to connect with your profile. The more connections you make, the more likely the next big deal will find you.
Step 4: Connect your Blog or Website to tBL
Google Search is a complicated algorithm that scans the internet to find websites connected. These similar websites are then organized in the Google Search Engine according to how these sites are linked together. By linking your website to tBL and then completing your profile to link back to your website, you will effectively create a circle that will boost your Search Rankings. Use tBL for your Search Engine Optimization!
Step 5: Invite your colleagues to tBL
Bring in your entire network of CRE professionals to connect with on tBL. By doing this, you will find more deals will get done through tBL which is a win / win for all. Connect with your existing network and grow to find new members through tBL. The platform was built for your business, use it and let’s make some deals online.
Step 6: Create a Business Network on tBL
TheBrokerList is not only for your personal profiles, but also has features for you to create a business page too. Again, the more links that you can create to your company site, the better your search rankings will be. Setup your business profile and be sure to link in other employees to the new business account. If other staff members do not have profiles yet, refer them to sign up. The bigger your network, the more deals that will come to your door.

Step 7: Follow the Blog
Not everyone of us is a great writer, however, there are awesome writers posting to daily! Follow the blog and repost all the articles that you find helpful to Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. The more activity that you have on your social network, in the CRE niche market, the more followers you will get. No post = no followers! Keep your readers up to date with CRE posts through tBL and watch your followers grow!
Step 8: Search Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin for tBL members too
Just as you are becoming socially active through tBL, you should be looking for other people who are active to connect with. Going back in time, it was awful going to networking event after networking event, putting on the “Hello my name is” tag and talking to people. Today we have awesome tools like tBL, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, use these search tools to seek out tBL members and connect with them. Try searching hashtags like #cre + #haves #cre + #wants, #cre + #transactions!
Step 9: Use tBL RSS Feeds
If you do not know what this is, please let us know and we can help connect feeds onto your website. This will allow your site to connect deeper with tBL and you will find more deals are connected through the web of sites, which your site can deeply integrate with, use it!
Step 10: Use, IT IS FREE!
Sometimes with FREE programs and platforms you get what you pay for! If the platform is free, then it is usually pretty cheap. That is not the case with tBL! This platform was created by CRE professionals, for CRE professionals and is supported through advertisers in our Marketplace. Those Marketplace Partners support the site 100% so CRE professionals can benefit. And our development team is serious about making improvements based on member feedback. New upgrades are coming out all the time, and this platform is just getting better and better. Not to mention, it is 100% free for CRE Professionals to network.
Step 10b: Use  as well to list your residential and commercial properties it is also FREE!
Step 10c:   Great to join for those looking to buy and hold fix and hold or fix and flip properties.
Step 10d:  Check and join useful meetups in your area.  Or start your own.  I can recommend a useful one in Denver that just started in June 2014.  For others see my next Blog.

Fact is, the more people who use this site, check my Blog site regularly, any site, the better the platform will be. So you need to make a decision for your businesses that in 2014 you will use my Blog,,, and others more to help network and find new deals.
Let theBrokerList help grow your online presence for the health of your business, and then maybe think about hitting the gym too.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Prologis Inc.(HQ in Denver) sells 7.5-million sq ft. portfolio to TPG Capital

SAN FRANCISCO— reports that Prologis Inc.  (HQ in Denver) has closed on the sale of a 7.5-million-square-foot industrial portfolio to TPG Capital. It’s the second time the industrial REIT has traded assets to Dallas-based TPG, although the first time the transaction has occurred strictly within the industrial sector.
Deal terms were not disclosed. JLL cites a purchase price of $375 million, or about $54 per square foot, for the 59-asset deal. 
The portfolio spans nine markets, including Columbus, OH; Chicago; Cincinnati; Dallas; Denver; El Paso, TX; Los Angeles; Portland, OR; and Seattle. Prologis did not identify the assets by address or size; industry data cite a seven-property portfolio of specific properties in suburbs of Denver, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, ranging in size from 100,000 square feet for a Rexam Beverage Can facility in Kent, WA to 281,456 square feet for a property in Redondo Beach, CA.
In late 2010, Prologis announced the $505-million sale of a portfolio of US retail and mixed-use assets that it acquired in its 2005 merger with Catellus?along with the Catellus name?to TPG. It included four shopping centers, two office buildings, 11 mixed-use projects with related land and development agreements, two residential development joint ventures, Los Angeles Union Station, certain ground leases and other right-of-way leases. The deal was completed early the following year.
In its most recently quarterly earnings report in late April, Prologis said its core funds from operations rose to 43 cents per share from 40 cents per share in the first quarter of 2013. It also reported a 3% year-over-year rise in GAAP same-store NOI, an increase it attributed to higher occupancy and increasing rents.
The acquisition from Prologis marks TPG’s second major commercial real estate investment this week. The other was an acquisition by a partnership of TPG, PAG Asia Capital and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan for property services firm DTZ for $1.215 billion.

Prefered markets for Canadian Commercial Investors interview with Brian Ward, president ofColliers International’s Capital Markets group in the Americas.
Ward: Canadian investors are no different than any other sophisticated global investor.  They want a couple things: markets in geographic proximity to their home turf, such as Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York and coastal markets that offer the best opportunities for strong real wage growth and demonstrated multiple exit strategies, such as San Francisco, Southern California,, Washington, D.C., and South Florida. Note that I am seeing more Canadian investors going global like many US private equity funds, and are now aggressively competing for product in the UK and Western Europe.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Marriott development to be sold with Bitcoin - maybe

Marriott development to be sold with Bitcoin - Maybe
According to Bloomberg, The man the media call “Bitcoin Jesus” is selling a Marriott development on the island of St Kitts and Nevis with the facility for buyers to purchase with online Bitcoins, the online cryto-currency.  
Buyers spending over $400,000 receive citizenship and a passport allowing visa-free travel in 120 countries.
It will be the first time physical real estate and citizenship will be available for purchase by a currency not-backed by a central government and not subject to the same money-laundering rules of traditional purchases.
Bitcoin trader and convicted weapons dealer Roger Ver claims to have the “exclusive right to sell” properties being developed by Marriot on St. Kitts and along a golf course it owns there.  His website is translated in Chinese and Russian and he begins a tour of China later this month to promote his services.

However, Brian Johnson, MD or Platinum Financial Services, a-Moscow-based IFA who promotes property in St Kitts says something does not add up. 
"First of all the company mentioned is not listed as an approved person to submit applications. We have to use our sister company in St Kitts which is called Civis and run by Legrand Elebash.
Secondly all funds paid to the government have to come from a proven source. Bit coins can’t be proved so how could they be used? You can’t just turn up in St Kitts with a bag of cash?"

However, if the Bloomberg story is true and the St Kitts government is relaxing the rules the appeal to citizens of countries like China and Russia will be huge.  You can purchase and sell Bitcoins anonymously and easily online without government scrutiny or tax liabilities. Transactions costs are also low.
Bitcoins were developed as a de-centralised virtual currency in 2009.  The total supply is capped at an arbitrary limit of 21 million and every four years the creation rate is halved.  The price of Bitcoins can be votatile and the price was most-famously hit when online drugs supermarket The Silk Road was closed by US Federal government in October 2013.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Real Estate Investing, Free Education & Networking Events Denver Area

Upcoming Networking and Real Estate Investing Education Events:
view short Video and RSVP for the July 15th Event 
Please RSVP to so we can properly prepare the seating.

Monday June 16th:
Strongbrook Business building presentation. 12.30 -3 pm only
Koelbel Library Room A, 5955 S. Holly Street, Centennial, CO,
(replaced 4M Manfred Money Maker Mentoring Team Meeting, since I am unable to attend this meeting)

Tuesday June 17:
IANC Investors Aid Network of Colorado (Real Estate Education survivors), Meetup Speaker Session:  5.30 – 8pm
I know the Presenter Bill Leonard.  He will open your eyes to multiple income streams and what not to do.

Pine Financial Group,  1,012 (978) Members.  Meet 3d Tuesday of the Month. 6-8 pm
Red & Jerry's 1840 W Oxford Ave, Englewood

PULSE, Pulse real estate Investment Association,    107 (74) members.   Meet 3d Tuesday of the Month.  6 – 8 pm.
Blake Street Tavern,  2301 Blake St, Denver (303-675-0505) 

Thursday June 19:
WIP Womens InvestmentGroup,  273  (271) Members.   Meet 3d Thursday of the Month.
Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (1995 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO 80210)  7 – 9 pm

Saturday June 21, 9:30-5:00 pm!:
Top Real Estate Investment & Business Developmt. Training  (What Education Gurus charge $3,000 - $12,000 for).
All Day FREE training by invitation only. 
Stephen Miller (one of the Strongbrook co-founders) will be here to conduct the GEM Training.
Lakewood Vista Clubhouse, 1653 S Cole St, Lakewood CO 80228  (West Denver  SE of I 70, 6th Ave and C 470).
9.30-1pm Game Plan Report 3.5 Hours  (Bring a box or bag Lunch).
What to bring: a bag lunch, notebook and pen, and a mind ready to absorb.
There won't be food services there, so don't forget to bring your lunch. We'll have some snacks as well, 
but there won't be an opportunity to go out for lunch.  Full day to get the maximum benefit from our guest presenters
1pm-5pm Estate Planning, RE Investment, new marketing tools that work 4 Hours.
6-8pm Dinner with Stephen Miller.
Please RSVP to so we can properly prepare the seating.

Monday June 23rd:
IANC Investors Aid Network of Colorado (Real Estate Education survivors), Meetup Speaker Session:  5.30-8 pm
Guest Speaker Justin Cooper from Pine Financial.  Justin is one of the most knowledgeable people on the Wholesale, Fix & Flip and Fix & Hold market in Colorado.  

Wednesday June 25:
Bootstrap your small business marketing without spending too much time or money!  8:30 – 10:30 am
The Innovation Pavilion, 9200 E Mineral Ave. Centennial, CO 80112.  FREE Seminar
How to automate your marketing without a large investment in time and money.
Email marketing strategies.  Why blogging is ACTUALLY a timesaver!
How to build campaigns that will win you more business and help you compete more effectively!

CAREI, Colorado Association of Real Estate Investors, 1,500+ members,  Meet 4th Wednesday of the Month 
PPA Event Center 2105 Decatur Street, Denver  Cost $20/ Mtg  no exception.  

Thursday June 26:
4M Manfred Money Maker Mentoring, Information Seminar for Investors:  12.30 -3 pm.   
Koelbel Library Room A, 5955 S. Holly Street, Centennial, CO,
Special Session for Real Estate Investors and those looking into real estate investing as an additional income stream. 
Guest Speakers:  Ann Whigham and Manfred Chemek

Connected Real Estate Investors, 723 Members.  Meet 4th Thursday of the Month in Lafayette.  5.30-9.00 pm
Special Event in backyard of co-organizer Katy Fleming.  Check meetup for details.

Friday June 27:
Cash Flow 101 the Investment game 4th Friday of the Month.  Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (1995 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO 80210)  7 – 9 p

Wednesday July 9:
Boulder StartUp Meetup  2,889 Members. Meet 2nd Wednesday of the Month.  5:30 – 8:00 PM

ICOR, Investment Community of the Rockies,  194 Members.  Meet 2nd Wednesday of the Month.  6:00 – 9:00 pm

Thursday July 10:
IRROC, Investors Realty Resource of Colorado.   1,008 (1,002) Members.  Meet 1st Thursday of the Month. 
Embassy Suites Denver Southeast, 7525 East Hampden Ave. Denver, CO

Tuesday July 15:
Strongbrook, Real Estate Investment Franchise: Grand Openings and re Launch:
Koelbel Library, 5955 S. Holly Street, Centennial, CO, ( Exit I 25 at Orchard and go West to Holly Str.)  Rooms A and B.  5:30-9:00 pm
Featuring Guest Speaker Kris Krohn,  Author of the bestselling Books: “The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth” and
The Conscious Creator: Six Laws for Manifesting Your Masterpiece Life
Kris Krohn will discuss how he tried various investment strategies until he developed his straight path to success strategy by age 23. 
He was able to retire 3 years later at age 26, as a Millionaire in both assets and annual positive cash flow of over $ 1 Million/year.
This system is proven to work in every market cycle, especially down markets.  Author Kris explains the system in depth.
He demonstrates why other strategies and systems fail and reveals how to escape their pitfalls.  He also exposes the flaws of America’s traditional retirement advice and products and offers a refreshing, practical, and safe alternative. 
This is a most unusual opportunity.  For the first time you will have the opportunity to hear, ask questions and interact one on one with one of the most successful Real Estate Millionaire’s, who has made his money buying and holding investment grade residential Homes.  With any of the top Real Estate Education Programs offered via the paid 3 day or longer courses, you'd never get the opportunity to meet and interact with one of the founders of the company until you paid $15,000 or more to attend a special event. (And even then, you'd most likely just be seeing them up on a big stage and not interacting with you 1:1).
Please RSVP to so we can properly prepare the seating.