Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Best Investment you can make in yourself and your Business for 2013.

and positively impact their growth both professionally and personally, as well as impacting the growth and Expansion of the Real Estate Empire; when we can get this terminology and behavior to take root in our team’s culture to the point where everyone lives their life powered by a BIG WHY and focused by The ONE Thing, then we can begin to move the ball forward in a “multiplying affect” by getting each member of my team to spread/teach that message to everyone “they” come in contact with; once The Empire reaches critical mass, then the message will have a larger stage on which to be taught from, and positively affect the entire world as more and more people receive the message and in turn spread it!I want to personally Invite You to register and attend the 3 day Seminar in Bonita Springs and Naples, Florida, USA, July 09-10-11/2013.  Or come for the 1 day seminar or more. 

You can make this a short networking business trip or stay longer and connect with brokers in Orlando and Miami as well.  We will connect you with quality agents that have Investors and buyers for your properties and services.

July 9th ,  4.30 - 8 pm, Networking, Reception, Cocktails at country club in Naples, Florida. 
Also early registration for:

July 10th , 1 day, “Life after the Pin success” Hands on seminar with case studies and break out groups, on the most successful steps in 2013 to bring Investors and Buyers to your market and / or services. 

We have agents, representing buyers and Investors, attending from Europe (Germany, UK, Netherlands, Turkey, Croatia, etc.) and Asia (India, China, etc.) plus from Canada and USA.

July 11th , Full day of Networking and promoting your developments, properties and services.
Property Tours available in Sarasota, Bonita Springs and Naples.

Get Your Builders / Developers to sponsor your trip.
In return you promote their and your Properties and Services to European, Asian, Canadian and USA Investors, second home / vacation home / investment home and commercial property buyers.

Contact Bonita Springs Association, BEAR
or Naples Association, NABOR   for more Information. 
Your cost is less than $100, plus Hotel and Transportation for Persons outside the local area. 
Best Investment you can make in yourself and your Business for 2013.
OR Contact me at:   for more details.

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